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Release: 7.3
  • Email Messages (23542)
    • Under the Reports tab we added a new Email Messages tab, between the Delivery Times and the Custom Pages tabs. In the new tab you can create email templates to include in your scheduled report packs so that when your report packs are sent to recipients the email message is bespoke to the scheduled report pack, see our new online help topic, About email messages.
Release: 7.2
  • Monitor Admin role (14166)
    • We created a new user role so that customers can have an administrator role that can manage users and data for all of their schools within their trust or district. The new Monitor Admin role can create a user with any user role, except another Monitor Admin user or a Technician View user, see our updated help topic, About monitor user management. They can also view all of the pages within the Monitor -Self-Service Portal.
  • Web monitoring and Safety module (13403)
    • We have removed the Web monitoring and Safety module from the portal. This was because Monitor - Self-Service is more of a screen scraper for words and phrases and that we have better tools more suited to web monitoring. If you would like to see more about our other products, see our website at smoothwall.com or our User Assistance Resources pages.
  • Updated iPad support in new environment - (21696)
    • Moving to new platform broke the iOS registration and fixed this. Specifically, if an iPad that has never connected before, you will enter a pin and a password, which will then be used to connect.
  • Removed references to web logs in reports - (21704)
    • Since we deprecated the Web Logs functionality in the portal we have also removed reference to these in the reports.
  • Specify organization type when creating a client id including choosing or type - (20708)
    • To create new client IDs from the portal and associate these with the customer ID for the logged in user and set the Organization type, we have updated the portal. When you go to Monitoring setup, click Edit Groups and click New, you can now click Create new ClientId to add a new client ID and select the organization type that you want for your new group.
  • Updated Help URL - (20753)
    • So as to have two versions of the help for customers still on the old platform but to update the help for customers using the new platform, we updated the help like to point at an updated version of the help.
  • Websites not to block or monitor renamed and relocated- (20754)
    • To alter the websites to ignore so that you can exclude the word and phrase monitoring for specific websites, for your school or college, we have moved the Websites Not to Block or Monitor to under the Word & Phrase Monitoring section under the Monitoring setup tab. This is now called Websites Not to Monitor.
  • Mapping service to catch captures coming from old machine during migration - (21711)
    • We have added support to map old machines so that no captures are missed.
  • Bug fixes:
    • Monitor Admin unable to select delivery times when creating report pack (20948) - Fixed.
    • Help link warning message text is incorrect (20878) - Fixed.
    • Custom pages created by user can't be seen (21448) - Fixed.
    • Duplicated entries made within report manager/custom page/delivery time sections appears to show the time at which the duplication occurred to be an hour behind (21808) - Fixed.
    • Reports page: Delivery time not appearing as expected in Report pack Manager page (21828) - Fixed.
  • Minor text updates - (20268)
Release: 6.0.1

Monitor build now includes:

  • New Product Branding !

Terminology updates:

  • Renaming of Ungraded captures to Unassigned captures
  • Pregraded & Ungraded captures are referred to as Unactioned
  • Pregraded, Ungraded and Graded Captures tabs are now merged into one Capture Listing page, with status filterable via left/hand menu
  • Revised Status drop-list at Capture Listing to include:
  • All (incl. F/Positives)
  • Unactioned Captures
  • Graded Captures Only
  • F/Positive Only
  • Added Unassigned (ungraded) values to the Risk Grading & Profiling > Unactioned donuts
  • Unactioned Heatmap contains Unassigned (ungraded) captures alongside High, Medium and Low Risk (pregraded) captures
  • Revised Graded Heatmap to display as stacked bar chart (pegraded value versus graded value)
  • Renaming of Machine/Machine Groups to Device/Device Groups
Release: 5.3.0

Monitor now includes:

  • Version Release Notes now available via the Monitor
  • A software license status notification, where applicable
  • Non-supported client versions are now identifiable via Device Logs
  • New report added - Chronological User Report
  • New report added - Identify Risk by User/Device
  • New report added - Capture Summary Report
  • Report selection has been updated to provide clear and concise filtering options
  • The ability to set the initial Monitor landing page after login for each Monitor User has been added
  • Alias field added to report recipient creation/edit
  • The ability to search by Name, Alias or Email has been added to report recipient
  • Product rebranded and renamed as Smoothwall Monitor
Release: 5.2.92

Monitor now includes:

  • A Monitor User feedback feature is now available via a simple menu click
  • The Heatmap form is now auto-refreshed every five minutes or on demand.