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Secure Web Gateway
Unified Threat Management
Bandwidth Management
Federated Login
ID Indexing System (IDex)
Secure Global Proxy
Smoothwall Connect


How to Use the Help

In order to use the help effectively, you should take a few minutes to read the following.

This help has mainly been structured around the Smoothwall administration user interface. The menu flow in the user interface is reflected in the help, for example, to get to the Shutdown page, you go to System > Maintenance > Shutdown. In the help, you go to About the System Menu > System > Maintenance > Rebooting and Shutting Down.

From Edinburgh, clicking the Help button in the administration user interface, opens a panel on the right which displays the help found in these pages. You can either continue viewing the help in the user interface panel, or use the link at the bottom of the panel to view the help website in a new browser tab.

Searching the Help

Each release is isolated from the others. Using the search bar at the top of each help topic only searches the help for the release you are in.


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