Editing your dashboard


  1. From the top menu, click Dashboard.
  2. From the dashboard title line, click Edit.
    • To change the Title, layout Structure or Period for the data shown, click Settings, choose your preferences and click Apply.
      • The Title updates after you click Apply.
      • The Structure changes in the background and saves automatically after you select it, even if you click X to exit the dialog box.
      • The Period does not update until after you click Save on the main page's edit toolbar.
    • To add a new widget, click Add widget and select one from the list. If there's none listed that means you have all the available widgets open on your dashboard.
      • To move your widgets to another area on your dashboard, click the and drag the widget to where you want it.
      • To refresh the data on your widget, click .
      • To change the Title of your widget, or on some other widgets the theme or user, click .
        • To find a theme or user, click in the field and start typing the one that you want and then click it to select it.
      • To minimize your widget, click . Once you click save the widget is always loaded minimized. Click to expand the widget again. Similarly, if you save whilst the widget is expanded it always shows in expanded mode when you first load the page.
      • To remove the widget from your dashboard, click .
    • If you have made a mistake, click Undo.
  3. When you are happy with your dashboard, click Save.