Dashboard Page

Use this page to monitor key individuals and other data of interest.

Navigation: Dashboard.

Edit Shows the dashboard edit options and the widget edit options.
Add widget

You can only view this after you click Edit. It opens a dialog box where you can choose from a list of available widgets to add to the dashboard. If the list is blank, this means you have all the widgets open on the dashboard.


Opens a dialog box so that you can make some global changes to the dashboard such as changing the dashboard title, period covered or overall view in use. The period setting only takes effect after you click Save.

Save Commits any changes made to the dashboard.
Undo Abandons any changes that you made the dashboard.
Moves the widget to a different place on the dashboard.

Refreshes the widget's information at any time.

Opens a dialog box where you can rename the widget title and for some widgets, choose the theme, user, device and filter for unactioned captures.

Collapses the widget to allow more space on page. If you save the dashboard with a widget collapsed, when you open the dashboard, the widget is loaded as collapsed and you need to expand it.

Expands the widget to show the data.
Removes the widget from the dashboard.