IDex Client Page

Use this page to specify the interfaces that the IDex client uses to communicate with the Smoothwall Filter.

Navigation: GUARDIAN > Client interfaces > IDex Client.

IDex Client Interfaces
Add interface Opens the Add interface for IDex Client dialog box.
Interface The interfaces the client uses to communicate with the Smoothwall Filter.
Port This is set to 1080 by default, the registered port for a SOCKS proxy, the type of proxy Connect Filter is. However, you might find your Windows clients and devices are blocked from communicating with the Smoothwall Filter when outside your network and can't access the Internet. Typically, this is because most public networks, such as those found in hotels and wireless network hotspots, block traffic from using port 1080. Make sure that all devices that have the Connect Filter installed can access the configured port number.
Enabled Indicates if the IDex interface is in use.