Category groups Page

Use this page to add categories to groups.

Navigation: GUARDIAN > Policy objects > Category groups.

Manage category groups
  • The tenants to use this category group. Only those tenants selected can use this category group. Specifying the tenant, applies your network and web filtering permissions to users coming from different tenants with the same usernames.
  • To create a category group for all tenants, leave the Tenant as All. An All Tenant category group can only be administered by the central administrator but can be used in any tenant's policy.

    Tenants are only available if you've the correct Smoothwall license type and they have been configured on the Tenants page.

    To add more tenants, see our help topic, Adding tenants.

    To find out about licensing your Smoothwall, contact your Smoothwall representative.

    Name A meaningful name for the category group.
    Comment A comment to make it easier to remember what the category contains.
    Content categories The content that you want to include in the category group object. Click [+] to access and view any subcategories available. If you're using a multitenant configuration, tenant-specific content categories are prefixed with the tenant name.
    Category groups
    Name The category group name.
    Tenant The tenants that the group of categories applies to.
    Comment A descriptive comment.