Creating category groups and adding categories


  1. On the GUARDIAN menu, under the Policy object submenu, click Category groups.
  2. Under the Manage category groups section, from the Tenant list, select a tenant that the group is for and enter a Name for your group.
  3. Enter a descriptive Comment.
  4. Select the categories that you want to include in the group.
  5. Tip: Click [+] to view and select any subcategories. Tenant-specific content categories are prefixed with the tenant name.

  6. Click Save. The category group is added to the Category groups table.

Follow-up tasks

  • To edit a category group object:

    Note: If you're using a multitenant configuration, you can't change the tenant assigned to a category group, as that group might form part of a tenant-specific policy.

    1. Under the Category groups section, click Edit for the relevant group.
    2. Adjust the configuration and click Save changes.
  • To delete category group objects:

    Note: If you can't delete an object, it might be because it's part of a policy. Remove the object from the policy and try again.

    • Under the Category groups section, click Delete for the relevant group.