About HTTPS inspection policies

HTTPS inspection policies determine the Smoothwall's behavior when processing secure web traffic that is, those websites starting with HTTPS://. Do not inspect HTTPS policies do not intercept such traffic, for example, traffic to and from banking sites. They decrypt and inspect encrypted communications, so that you can filter the content between users on your network and websites that use HTTPS.

Connect for Chromebooks

Your Smoothwall Filter contains a category named Connect for Chromebooks. This category contains all Google websites necessary for Google user authentication such as single sign-on. Most of these sites are HTTPS sites, but because they are necessary for Google user authentication, they do not need inspecting.


To use HTTPS interception, client devices must trust the certificate. Therefore, you need an interception certificate authority. Certificates are created dynamically based upon a trusted Certificate Authority. For the certificate to be considered valid, you should import the Certificate Authority into the client browsers' certificate store.


WARNING: Local laws might warn your users before decrypting and inspecting HTTPS data. We recommend that you check with legal representation.

You can configure the message to display to your users.