About HTTPS Policy management

HTTPS inspection policies inspect and manage communication between users on your network and websites that use HTTPS by configuring an inspection method for different user groups, destinations and locations. The Smoothwall Filter processes HTTPS inspection policies in order of priority as listed on the Manage policies page, from top to bottom, until a match is found. You can change the order by clicking a policy and dragging it to a new position in the list. For example, if you've created a policy that doesn't inspect the Google HTTPS AdSense site when accessed by marketing students, drag the policy to the top of the list of policies.

Preconfigured HTTPS inspection policies

The Smoothwall Filter comes with three preconfigured HTTPS inspection policies. However, you might need to turn them on or off.

Policy name Description
Online banking Indicates that users can use online banking without communications being decrypted and inspected.
All encrypted content accessed by unauthenticated IPs Decrypts and inspects all encrypted content that users at unauthenticated IPs try to access.
Certificate validation Checks secure certificates on websites. Any sites whose certificates are self-signed, out of date or otherwise invalid is blocked.