Testing policies

Note: An upstream proxy might capture and log the request as coming from the user or group(s) being impersonated.


  1. On the GUARDIAN menu, under the Quick links submenu, click Policy tester.
  2. Select the Tenant to test the policy against and enter the URL to be requested. If the URL contains www. enter that too.
  3. Select the group or user name making the request, the locations or the IP address from which the request would be made and when the content would be requested.
  4. Tip: You can impersonate a request made in the past. For example, you can see if someone accessed a URL previously.

  5. To determine what policy actions would apply to resources such as images, JavaScript, CSS tags, HTML5 multimedia tags and other resources at the URL, select the Detailed diagnostics option.
  6. Note: Links to other pages aren't tested.

  7. Click Test.