Policy tester Page

Use this page to test whether a URL is available to a specific person at a specific location and time.

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Policy tester

The tenant to apply network and web filtering permissions.

Additional Option Description
Temporarily create a new tenant The test is run from a hypothetical, newly created tenant. This should only match those categories that are applicable to all tenants.
None The test is run as if a user is attempting to access content whilst not assigned to a tenant. The request is blocked.

Tenants are only available if you've the correct license type and they have been configured on the Tenants page, see our help topic Adding tenants. To find out about licensing your Smoothwall, contact your Smoothwall representative.

URL The URL to be requested. If the URL contains www., enter that too.

The groups or the name of the user who would make the request.

Where The locations or IP address from which the request would be made.
When The time at which the content would be requested.
Detailed diagnostics Determines what policy actions would apply to resources such as images, JavaScript, CSS tags, HTML5 multimedia tags and other resources at the URL.
Test For each policy turned on at that time, you can see what action has been applied regarding the URL and the options you specified. When testing a URL that results in a redirect, the URL to which the original is redirected, and its status is displayed. You can policy test the redirect URL. To see URL statuses, see W3's documentation, http://www.w3.org/Protocols/rfc2616/rfc2616-sec6.html#sec6.1.1.