About the policy tester

The policy tester can test whether a URL is available to a specific person at a specific location and time. It impersonates a user, or groups of users, attempting to access web content. This isn't logged by the Smoothwall Filter. However, an upstream proxy might capture and log the request as coming from the user or group being impersonated.

You can determine the policy actions to apply for a given URL and a specific user or group at a specific location and time. The policy tester sends an impersonated request for access to a URL. Use the policy tester to test any negative side effects of adding a user or group, time slot or location to a policy.

For each policy turned on at that time, the Smoothwall Filter displays what action has been applied regarding the URL and the options you specified. When testing a URL that results in a redirect, the URL to which the original is redirected, and its status are displayed. You can policy test the redirect URL. To see URL statuses, see w3's reference documentation, http://www.w3.org/Protocols/rfc2616/rfc2616-sec6.html#sec6.1.1.

The Quick policy tester is available on the Dashboard, if the Web filter is selected on the User interface page. It's also available on the Smoothwall User Portal, if turned on.