Customizing the administration user interface


  1. On the SYSTEM menu, under the Preferences submenu, click User interface.
    • To change the browser tab display, under the Host information section, change Description to the text of your choice and click Save.
    • To customize the dashboard page:
      1. Under the System Control page section, from the Report to show list, choose the report that you want to appear on the Dashboard.
      2. Under the Dashboard sections section, select the sections of the dashboard that you want to appear. Clear any that you want to hide.
    • To change the SSL certificate used to sign for user-facing HTTPS services:
      1. Under the Certificates section, either:
        • From the User-facing HTTPS services list, choose the relevant certificate.
        • To create a new certificate for these services, click Create and manage certificates.
  2. Click Save.

Note: You might need to redistribute the certificate to clients, depending on where in the trust chain their certificate "resides", see our help topic, Adding certificates for service manually.