Adding certificates for service manually


  1. On the SYSTEM menu, under the Certificates submenu, click Certificates for services.
  2. Place your mouse cursor over the root certificate authority and click New certificate.
  3. To create a certificate that's also a certificate authority, leave the Authority option selected. Otherwise, clear the option.
  4. Enter a meaningful Name for this certificate. This is only for information purposes and doesn't form part of the certificate.
  5. Enter the Common name to be used for this certificate. Typically, this refers to an organizational role, such as, This School District's MITM Certificate.
  6. Enter the Organization's name for this certificate. The default organization name is the one for the Smoothwall entered at registration time.
  7. If you need details for the certificate issuer, click Advanced » and if the certificate is valid for more than one domain, enter the Alternative names, Email, Department, Locality or town, State or province, and Country.
  8. Enter a descriptive Comment.
  9. Click Save changes.