About licenses and the blocklist

As part of your license subscription, you have access to the latest lists, compiled by Smoothwall, of undesirable, inappropriate, or objectionable content, known as a blocklist.


The blocklist is a group of preconfigured settings. It maintains the Smoothwall Filter list of undesirable, inappropriate or objectionable content categories. Smoothwall updates the blocklist regularly and the Smoothwall Filter checks for updates hourly by default. When it detects that there is a new blocklist, the Smoothwall Filter downloads and installs it automatically. However, for the Smoothwall Filter to receive the latest blocklist, you need an active license on the serial number used for the install. Without an active license, neither blocklist nor system updates can be downloaded and installed. If the license has expired, there's a notification message displayed at the top of the Dashboard Page page.

You can buy additional licenses from Smoothwall or an approved Smoothwall partner. License installation and activation is an automated process, initiated via a secure request to Smoothwall licensing servers.

Antimalware signatures contain information regarding viruses and trojans known to the antimalware engine. The Smoothwall Filter updates its antimalware signatures every 15 minutes automatically and this is usually enough. However, you can update antimalware signatures manually or restart the antimalware service with the latest antimalware signatures.