Global Page

Note: To make use of the DHCP service, you need a Unified Threat Management license.

Use this page to turn on the DHCP service in either server or relay mode.

Navigation: SERVICES > DHCP > Global.

Global settings
Enabled Turns on the DHCP service.
Server Sets the DHCP service to operate as a DHCP server in standalone mode for network hosts.
Relay (forwarding proxy) Sets the DHCP service to operate as a relay, forwarding DHCP requests to another DHCP server.
Enable logging Turned on by default. Clear the selection to turn off DHCP logging.
Port 1.57 Solutions The interface that receives DHCP traffic from clients, and the interface that the DHCP server is on, that is, where traffic is relayed to.
Port 3 S2 Imaging Network
Port 4 S4/S8 Imaging Network
Port 5 S10/S14 Imaging Network