About reports, alerts, logs and output settings

We supply several report templates with your Smoothwall installation, but you can also configure your own reports, which you can then schedule to run on a regular basis. You can also set up email groups for your scheduled reports and set the format that you want to send them in.


The Safeguarding feature assists you with your organization's internet safety legislative responsibilities regarding Internet usage. The safeguarding report highlights user breaches of set safeguard rulesets, which you can configure to notify you when a breach occurs and exclude anything that you don't believe to be relevant.


You can set alerts to be triggered when your Smoothwall Filter and Firewall is using too many resources or anything else that you need to be notified of.

Realtime and log information

If you encounter any issues or want to investigate an issue, you can search the logs, also in real time, to find out what happened and when. You can also control how much of the data log that you want to retain and store.