About reports

You can find supplied report templates under the REPORTS menu. Those reports available to run depend on licensed modules installed. All other supplied reports have been deprecated but remain in the Archive folder for backward compatibility.

Report templates

A report template is the structure for a supplied report or custom report. You can create custom report templates tailored to your installation. These can be created from scratch, or you can adjust the content of the supplied report templates to suit your needs. Selecting a template creates a copy of the supplied report template rather than changing the template itself.

Report outputs

When you generate a report is initially, it's rendered as HTML. You can use the Contents menu to navigate to sections within the report. A Back to top link is also provided to reduce scrolling for large reports. Some result data, such as, IP addresses and URLs, can present additional information when you place your mouse cursor over them. This is useful where a long URL is truncated for display purposes. Not all reports and results have this feature. Once generated, you can save the report, change the date range and change the output format.

Other report outputs

You can also save the report to one of the following outputs:

  • CSV — Comma separated values
  • PDF — Portable document format
  • PDFBW — Portable document format, but in black and white only
  • TSV — Tab separated values - this is like the .CSV file format but is uses tabs rather than commas.

Drill-down reports

In some supplied reports you can drill down through the data presented for further investigation. Not all reports have this feature. Drill down reports are other supplied reports that can be run by using the same data. You can find drill down reports under the Recent reports section of the Recent and saved page. The list of available drilled down reports is determined by the report group, which you can't change. For example, a report that shows the amount of traffic used by the top IP addresses, drills down to show the bandwidth usage for one of the IP addresses. A report that shows the number of times a website has been requested, drills down to show the URL that was requested, or which users visited the site.

Note: Drill down reports aren't available through the Smoothwall User Portal.