About safeguarding reports

Safeguarding reporting is designed to help monitor internet browsing and alert about activity, which might present a risk to the user. Safeguarding is distinct to the traditional block and allow style of web filtering. Safeguarding helps the safeguarding lead or school counselors to be more to potential activity users are engaging in which could present a danger to them such self-harm or radicalization. This gives the safeguarding lead opportunity to decide if there's a need to step in and protect the user.

Safeguarding helps UK schools to meet safeguarding and prevent duty obligations and the reports can be used as part of the inspections by Ofsted in England, Estyn in Wales, Education and Training Inspectorate in Northern Ireland, or Education Scotland (previously Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Education) in Scotland.

Full report

Displays Safeguarding breaches for a set time period and ruleset. You can drill down to user and their breach and view all their browsing history within an hour either side of the breach. This provides you with a context for users' activities helping you to determine if intent is present.


Where you can configure when to schedule the Safeguarding Full Report, and instant alerts and where to send them.


Lists those domains, URLS, and search terms already excluded from the Full report. Exclusions can be deleted from here.