About recent and saved reports

You can access all reports generated for a limited time frame: from the last hour, today, yesterday, and older. You can also regenerate previously run reports, change the date range, or change their output format. You can also save generated reports for permanent access.


You can invite other members of your organization to view the report generated. This is via a unique shareable link, generated in the user interface. The link is only valid for use for seven days from the point of generating. The shared URL is constructed by using the host name or IP address of the Smoothwall Filter and Firewall that the report is run from, plus the generated report's identification string. For example: Usage of host name or IP address is dependent on the system identification method selected on the Hostname page. Typically, you identify your Smoothwall Filter and Firewall with an IP address. However, you should not change this from one to the other without good cause because this might cause devices to not connect correctly.