Creating archives


  1. On the SYSTEM menu, under the Maintenance submenu, click Archives.
  2. Under the Settings section, from the Profile list, select "Empty" and click Select. To reuse or modify an existing profile, select it from the list and click Select.
  3. Enter a Profile name. This isn't the name of the archive; archives are named <hostname>.<release_level>.<datestamp>.
  4. Enter a descriptive Comment and if you intend to use this archive profile in a scheduled backup, select the Automatic backup option.
  5. Under the next Settings section, select the components that you want to archive or to select and archive all settings, at the top of the table select All. Available settings include general settings for the Smoothwall, and replicable settings ()which can be used in a centrally managed Smoothwall.
  6. To create the archive, click Save and back up.

Follow-up tasks

  1. To download an archive, in the Archives area, select the archive, click Download and save the archive to disk using the browser's Save as dialog box.
  2. To restore an archive, under the Archives section, select the archive, click Restore, scroll through and select the components in the archive that you want to restore and click Restore.
  3. To upload an archive, under the Upload section, enter the Archive name, click Choose File, select the archive and to upload the archive click Upload.
  4. To delete an archive, under the Archives section, select the archive and click Delete.

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