About archives

The Archives page is used to create and restore archives of system settings. Archives can be saved on removable media and used when restoring a Smoothwall. They can also be used to create clones of existing systems. You assign a profile to an archive to specify the components you want backed up in an archive. You can create and assign up to 20 profiles and generate their archives automatically. Archive profiles are also used to share settings in centrally managed Smoothwalls, referred to in this case as replication profiles, see the help topic, Setting up a centrally managed system.

You upload archived settings from previous versions of the Smoothwall and Smoothwall modules so that they can be reused in the current version(s).

Ethernet settings when restoring to new hardware

When restoring settings from a backup archive, you might encounter issues if you don't consider your Ethernet settings when restoring, see our knowledge base, Tips on restoring settings from a backup archive.