About reports

Smoothwall Reports can help you investigate safeguarding incidents, for example, you can find out what an individual was browsing on a particular day, which devices have been used for suspicious behavior, who was accessing a particular site and, which users were visiting a particular category of sites.

You can select the tenant to report on for a specific duration. However, due to data restrictions, you can only report on the last 90 days. If you want a report for a longer duration, you can contact Smoothwall support, who can obtain your data for you. You can also filter your report by username, by device, by a specific domain, for example, example.com, and by category, including categories that you have created. Domains can include a subdomain, for example, west.example.com.

When you generate the report, Smoothwall Reports sends you an email with a link. When you click the link, the portal login page opens and you need log in before the report starts to download in your browser.