New Report Page

Use this page to define your filter criteria and create a new report.

Navigation: Reports > Reports > New report.

Select tenant
Tenant A list of your tenants on which you can base the report.
Filter by
User A list of your available users, which you can filter by to find out what an individual was browsing.
Device A list of your available devices, which you can filter by to find out what web activity has taken place on a particular device.
Domain The URL or web address that you want to filter by to see the users who have visited it. This might not just be the domain, for example, this might include subdomain for example,
Category A list of your available categories, which you can filter by to find out which users visited a particular category of sites. This includes your additional custom categories.
Pick a date range in the last 90 days
Start date

Date pickers that you can use to select start and end dates of the report.

Note: You can only query for the last 90 days but if you want a report for a longer duration, you must request this from support.

End date
Give your report a name
Report name Give your report a meaningful name. Try to give your reports different names, for example, put the date on the end of the name, like "bullying Sept2018".
Recipient email The email address where the report email is sent.
Email CSV report Sends the report request to the server to generate the report. Once the report is generated, the recipients are sent an email with a link to the report. 
Report example This is not your live data. This is just an example of the data that you can see in the report.