About organisations

The organisations page is where all your schools or organisations that you registered at the on-boarding process are listed. You might only have one or you might have several. For example, if you are an all-through school with primary and secondary schools, a multi-academy trust, a local authority or a district that oversees multiple schools. You can only see the organisations that your administrator has added you to as a safeguarding or IT contact.

The names of the organisations are taken from the on-boarding form that you completed when you first bought Smoothwall Monitor and you cannot amend this. For each organisation, you can maintain your safeguarding and IT contacts, view the alerts procedure that you selected on the on-boarding form and your license information.

Even if you only have one organisation, you need to have it selected to open the other pages, for example, the dashboard, events or devices pages.

If at first login, you don't see any organisations, it could be that you've not been created as a contact for any organisations. You'll need to contact one of your IT colleagues or a safeguarding officert who has access and request that they add you as a contact for the organisations that you need to monitor.