Custom categories Page

Use this page to manage the filtering categories that you have added. If you have a multitenant setup, you'll see two tables of categories on this page, one for all tenants and one for the specific tenants.

Navigation: Portal Home > Filter > Custom categories.

Global - shared across all tenants Categories that you can for all policies no matter the tenant can be found here. You only see this if you have a multitenant setup.
Tenant Categories specific to a tenant are found here. You can select each tenant to see their specific categories. You only see this if you have a multitenant setup.
Custom categories
Add category Opens the Add custom category Page page.
Search Filters your list of custom categories in real time by the letters or numbers that you type.
Name The custom category name.
Description What the category covers, for example, gambling.
Edit Opens the Edit custom category Page page.
Delete You need to right-click to see this. You can't delete the built-in categories Custom allowed content or the Custom blocked content categories.