New Group

Use this dialog box to create a new device group.

Navigation: Monitoring setup > Device Groups > Edit Groups > New.

New Group
GROUP NAME The name of the device group that you want to add.
CLIENT ID The list of available client IDs that you can choose from.
Create new Client ID Changes the CLIENT ID box to an entry box so that you can type the new client ID that you want.
Priority This is for device groups, stating if any settings made for the group should take priority over settings made for the user's logged in user group. For example, the user group is set to NOT show an AUP but specific devices need to do so. These devices are placed in a device group and the priority set for it to do this regardless of the type of user who logs in at them. If this is not set, the group can still be used for reports on data generated but any configurating settings made will not apply to users.