User Groups Page

Use this page to add new user groups, amend existing user groups or remove user groups.

Navigation: Monitoring setup > User Groups > Edit Groups.

Device Groups
Back Takes you back to the Monitoring setup page.
New Opens the New Group dialog box so you can add a new device group.
Refresh Refreshes the list of available groups in the list.
Remove Deletes any selected user groups.
Export as The list of formats in which you can export the list of user groups.
Go Generates and downloads the list of user groups in the selected format.
Group Name The list of group names. You can click the heading to sort the list by group name.
Members Indicates the number of users in the group.
Captures Indicates how many captures have been generated by users in the group.
Edit Opens the Editing Group dialog box so that you can amend the group details.
Delete Deletes the user group.