Report Manager Page

Use this page to view available reports and to create new reports and report packs.

Navigation: Reports > Report Manager.

Report Manager
REPORT CATEGORY This is a filter list, which you can select to filter the table of reports by category.
REPORT TYPE A filter list, which you can select to filter the table of reports by a report type.
New Opens the Create Report page so that you can select an exiting report and amend the options for it.
Remove Deletes the selected reports. You can't delete other user's reports.
Duplicate Creates a copy of the selected report and appends copy , date and time to the report's name. You can then edit the report and change the report's name.
Create Pack Opens the Scheduling page so that you can create a report pack schedule. You must have created your recipient and delivery time before you do this. You can't use delivery times created by other users.
Table Columns
Name The name you or another user has given to the report.
Created by Indicates the user who created the report.
Date When the report was created.
Usage Indicates how many times the report has been generated.
Edit Opens the report so that you can amend the report options. You can only edit your own reports, not other user's reports.
View Opens the report within the Smoothwall Monitor Self-service. This doesn't download anything.