Creating reports


  1. On the Reports tab, under Report Manager, click New.
  2. From the list of reports, click the one that you want.
  3. Choose your report's Options:
    • The TARGET OBJECT to base the report on, for example, users, devices, user groups, device groups or words and phrases.
    • The THEME of data from which to create this report or leave as overall to base the report on all themes.
    • Captures that are graded, or graded with ungraded or unactioned captures.
    • The CAPTURE TYPE, for example, desktop only, keyboard only or both.
    • Choose the ORDER BY and the SORT ORDER of your data.
    • If you are creating an Analysis of all captures for a single word or phrase report, you need to enter the WORD.
    • If you are creating a Words & Phrases report, you can choose a specific USER to base the report on.
  4. Enter your REPORT NAME and click Save.

Follow-up tasks

  1. Add report recipients for your report pack, see our help topic, Creating new recipients.
  2. Add a delivery time for your report pack, see our help topic, Creating delivery times.
  3. If you want a cover page adding to your report pack, add a customer page, see our help topic, Adding custom pages.
  4. Setup up your report schedule, see our help topic, Scheduling reports.