Creating a silent install by using the command line - KB


Note: The IDexAgent_1_5_x64.msi installation file can be obtained from your Smoothwall representative.

Note: If installing to a clean Windows-based device, that is, one that has not been assigned to a user yet, or has not connected to the Internet yet, you should launch the system browser (such as Internet Explorer or Edge) now before continuing.

You can create an unattended installation to deploy the IDex Agent out to Active Directory domain controllers. This section only provides guidance for the IDex Agent.

Create a script that includes: msiexec /i "path-to-installer.msi" SMOOTHWALLIP="host" /quiet


  • path_to_installer is the full network path to the location of IDexAgent.msi
  • host is the host name or IP address of the Smoothwall Filter and Firewall explicitly configured for IDex Agent, see our help topic, Configuring global authentication settings.

Note: You don't need to restart the device to complete the installation. You will not see an icon in the system tray for the IDex Agent.

Example: msiexec /i "\\mynetworkdrive\downloads\IDexAgent.msi" SMOOTHWALLIP="" /quiet

Follow-up tasks