Use this page to add Smoothwall to a Web Cache Communication Protocol (WCCP) cache engine cluster.

Navigation: WEB PROXY > Web proxy > WCCP.

Manage Web Cache Communication Protocol (WCCP)
No WCCP Turns off the WCCP.
WCCP version 1 Turns on WCCP version 1. Version 1 doesn't need authentication for caches to connect to the cluster, and only supports a single coordinating router.
WCCP router IP The WCCP router’s IP address.
WCCP version 2 Turns on WCCP version 2. Version 2 can be more secure than version 1 because it supports authentication for caches to connect to the cluster, providing a level of protection against rogue proxies on the LAN. In addition, it supports multiple coordinating routers. Currently, WCCP version 2 only supports routers configured to use the hash assignment method and GRE for both the forwarding and return methods.
Password The password needed to connect to the WCCP cluster. WCCP passwords can be a maximum of 8 characters.
Cache weight A cache weight to provide a hint as to the proportion of traffic forwarded to this cache. Caches with high weights relative to other caches in the cluster will receive more redirected requests.
Device IP addresses The IP addresses of one or more WCCP version 2 routers.