Configuring the Web Cache Communication Protocol (WCCP)


  1. On the WEB PROXY menu, under the Web proxy menu, click WCCP.
    • If you want to turn off WCCP, select No WCCP.
    • If you don't need authentication for caches to connect the cluster, and only need a single coordinating router, select WCCP version 1.
      • In WCCP router IP, enter the WCCP router’s IP address.
    • If you be more secure than version 1, and want authentication for caches to connect the cluster, providing a level of protection against rogue proxies on the LAN, select WCCP version 2.
    • Note: Currently, WCCP version 2 in the Smoothwall Filter only supports routers configured to use the hash assignment method and GRE for both the forwarding and return methods.

      1. Enter the Password used to connect the WCCP cluster. WCCP passwords can be a maximum of eight characters.
      2. To provide a hint as to the proportion of traffic forwarded to this cache, enter a Cache weight. Caches with high weights relative to other caches in the cluster receives more redirected requests.
      3. Enter the Device IP addresses of one or more WCCP version 2 routers.
  2. Click Save.

Follow-up task

Create a transparent authentication policy, see our help article, Managing authentication policies:

  1. Either, at the bottom of the page, click Configure or go to the WEB PROXY menu, under the Authentication submenu and click Manage policies.
  2. Create a transparent authentication policy using the authentication method you need.
  3. Select WCCP as the interface.