Customizing, importing or redirecting users to an external block page


  1. On the GUARDIAN menu, under the Block page submenu, click Block pages.
  2. Under the Customize block page section, enter a meaningful Name for the block page and a descriptive Comment.
    • To customize the default block page manually:
      1. Select the Manually create contents for block page option and enter the Block message explaining the reason for the block.
      2. Enter the Quota message shown when a user tries to access content time limited and the Quota button label for the button that users must click to start using their quota of time to view the content.
      3. Enter a custom, Sub message that shows under the red block banner and the Administrator’s email address who is contacted when a request is blocked.
      4. Click Advanced » and then Choose File to select a Custom title image to display your logo on the block page. Select the Enable custom title image option.
      5. To choose a Custom background image, click Choose File and select the image that you want to use to replace the red motif. Select the Enable custom background image option.
      6. Select the attributes to be displayed on block page and from the Show login button list, select how you want the user to log on of if you want to disable it.
      7. Click Save.
    • To import your own block page:
      1. Select the Import HTML template from zip archive option.
      2. Click Download the custom block page example to download the block page template.
      3. Update the template and save it in a zip file archive. Make sure that all files needed by the custom block page are included in the zip file, and that the archive’s location can be accessed.
      4. To Upload zip archive click Choose File, find the file and click Upload.
      5. Enter your system Administrator’s email address to receive unblock requests.
    • To redirect the user to an external block page:
      • Select the Redirect to block page option.
      • Enter the Block page URL.
  3. Click Save.