Content modification Page

Use this page to define new content modification policies for use to suit your organization's needs.

Navigation: GUARDIAN > Content modification > Content modifications.

Search tools  
Enter URL The website that you want to search content modifications for.
Find content modifications Determines the content modifications that match the entered URL.
Manage content modifications
Name The name of the content modification policy.
Comment A descriptive comment for this policy.
Tenant The tenants to use this category. Specifying the tenants, applies your network and web filtering permissions to users coming from different tenants with the same usernames. To create a custom category for all tenants, leave the Tenant as All. Tenants are only available if you've the correct your Smoothwall license type and they have been configured on the Tenants page. To find out about licensing your Smoothwall, contact your Smoothwall representative.
Request headers to override The algorithm to use the requested website’s capability to override HTTP headers sent to it, and redirect users to other content. Only one entry is allowed per line.
For example:
A redirect to YouTube Education would be configured as:
X-YouTube-Edu-Filter: Abc_dEf
where Abc_dEf is the search term or phrase that causes the redirect. An account and key must be setup on YouTube for this to work. Refer to A restriction on available Google Apps to only allow access to Google Calendar and Google Drive would be configured as:
For a Google Apps restriction, HTTPS interception is needed because Google Apps uses HTTPS throughout.
Content modifications  
Name The name of the content modification policy.
Tenant The tenants that use this content modification.