Settings Page

Use this page to manage certificates used to sign for HTTPS services and the warning message displayed to users.

Navigation: GUARDIAN > HTTPS inspection > Settings.

Manage HTTPS interception certificates
Certificate Authority The certificate authority that you want to change the SSL certificate used to sign for certificates within the HTTPS interception.
Create and manage certificates Opens the Certificates for services page.
Export Downloads the root Certificate Authority used to sign this certificate.
Cached certificates The cache of certificates generated for use with HTTPS inspection policies.
Clear and restart Clears the cached certificates and restarts the Smoothwall Filter.
Manage HTTPS interception warning
Warning message Informs the users that their HTTPS connections are decrypted and filtered if they continue to the site they have requested.
Confirmation button label The text to display on the button that users must click to confirm that they accept that their HTTPS connections are decrypted and filtered. Once they have clicked on the button, they can continue to the site they requested.
Warning frequency

How often the warning message appears to the user.

  • Daily -Displays the warning daily.
  • Weekly -Displays the warning weekly.
  • Never -Never displays a warning. Typically, you wouldn't use this option. However, if you're using the Smoothwall Connect Filter for Windows client, we recommend that you turn off the warning message to ensure correct operations.

WARNING: Local laws might mean that you must warn your users before decrypting and inspecting HTTPS data. We recommend that you check with legal representation before setting this option to "Never".