Certificates for services Page

Use this page to manage those certificates used by the Smoothwall to sign for services, such as, HTTPS inspection policies.

Navigation: SYSTEM > Certificates > Certificates for services.

Import Opens the Import dialog box so that you can select a file to upload.
New root CA Opens the Add new root Certificate Authority dialog so that you can create a new certificate authority.
Show comments / Hide comments Shows or hides any comments for the certificate authorities and the certificates.
Name The certificate authority or certificate's name.
Certificate When the certificate authority or certificate expires.
Key Indicates if the row is a certificate authority or if a certificate that is also a certificate authority. This also indicate the algorithm used to encrypt the certificate and the key size.
Used by

Indicates the Smoothwall services where the certificate is used:

  • Client Device Identification
  • The Smoothwall Filter HTTPS inspection
  • User-facing HTTPS services

Note: Certificates for VPN services are still managed from the Network VPN Certificate authorities page.

Details Opens the Certificate details dialog box.
Export Opens the Export dialog box where you can indicate what you want to export and then download the file.
New certificate Opens the Add new certificate dialog so that you can add a new certificate to the certificate authority.
Delete Deletes the certificate authority or certificate.
Set default CA Sets the certificate authority as the default.