UPS Page

Use this page to set the global shut down condition and add new UPS connections.

Navigation: SYSTEM > Hardware > UPS.

Global Settings
Shut down condition

The global shut down condition determines when, if ever, a Smoothwall connected to a UPS device should shut down.

  • Never — Never shuts down the Smoothwall Filter and Firewall.
  • When all remaining UPS are at low battery — Shuts down the Smoothwall Filter and Firewall when all currently connected UPS devices are at low battery levels.
  • After a set time of being on battery — Displays the Delay before shut down (minutes).
Delay before shut down (minutes) How long to wait before shutting down the Smoothwall when on running on UPS battery.
Connected UPS
Add new UPS Opens the Add new UPS dialog box.
Name The name of the connection.
UPS connection The type of connection.
Status Indicates whether the device is connected or not.