Time Page

Use this page to set the system's time and date.

Navigation: SYSTEM > Preferences > Time.

Time zone
Time zone A list of available time zones, which sets the system's time to the selected time zone.
Time and date
Set Indicates that you set the time and date manually.
Time The hour, minutes and seconds.
Date The day, month and year.
Network time retrieval
Enabled Forces the Smoothwall to retrieve the time from time server automatically.
Interval How often the system checks the servers for the time.
Save time to RTC To write back the time to the Smoothwall hardware Real-Time Clock.
Next update in The next time retrieval is scheduled for.
Network time servers
Multiple random public servers Sets the time as the average time retrieved from five random time servers.
Selected single public server Uses a public time server to set the time.
User defined single public or local server Uses a specific local or external time server to set the time.
Network time service interfaces
Port 1.57 Solutions The relevant interfaces that other network hosts connect to for time services.
Port 3 S2 Imaging Network
Port 4 S4/S8 Imaging Network
Port 5 S10/S14 Imaging Network