Child nodes Page

Use this page to view those child nodes that the parent replicates to.

Navigation: SYSTEM > Central management > Child nodes > Add node.

Child nodes
Name A unique name to identify the node. Node names might only consist of letters, numbers, spaces, underscores and full stops. Unicode is not supported. This parameter is mandatory.
IP/hostname The IP address or host name of the child node.
Central logging Whether central logging is turned on for this node. Central logging determines if logs and reports for that node are stored on, and accessed from, the child node itself (red cross), or stored and accessed from the parent node instead (green check mark).
Monitor status Whether the parent can monitor the system status of the child node from the Overview page.
Information sharing Whether information from the child node, such as the Smoothwall Filter quotas, are shared to the parent.
Replication profile The replication profile, if any, used to deploy the same settings as the parent to the child node.
Enabled Whether this child node is active.
Import CSV Expands the view so that you can choose a file and import the child nodes.
Add node Opens the Edit node page so that you can add a new child node.