About the Smoothwall User Portal

The User Portal is a simple version of your Smoothwall administrator user interface. A User Portal user can use a simple version of the policy tester, generate a restricted amount of reports, manage web access by blocking access for groups of users or locations, and manage categories by adding or removing domains and search terms.

The User Portal is aimed at users requiring quick access to the Smoothwall to carry out the following tasks:

  • Generate reports
  • Manage web access
  • Manage bandwidth classes — This is a licensed feature.
  • Manage filter lists
  • Use the policy tester
  • Run the Safeguarding Full report
  • Download software

VPN connection details

You can configure the User Portals to make an SSL VPN client archive available for download on the User Portal. This archive contains two PEM files, and the OpenVPN configuration file. The installation package is available to download from the Global page (click Generate client archive).

Welcome message

You can set the Smoothwall to display a customized welcome message when a user visits a User Portal.

Portal permissions for web access blocking

You can enable User Portal users in a specific group to block web access for all users in a specific group, or specific location.

Supported Browsers for the Smoothwall User Portal

The User Portal supports the following browsers:

  • Google Chrome
  • Internet Explorer version 9 onwards
  • Safari
  • Google Chrome OS isn't supported.
  • Version 11 on the Windows 8 RT platform isn't supported.