Adding an Azure Active Directory


  1. In your Smoothwall Filter and Firewall, create your local authentication user groups, see our help topic, Adding user groups.
  2. In your Azure Active Directory:
    1. Add your Smoothwall Filter and Firewall as an App registration, see the Microsoft help topic, Register an application with the Microsoft identity platform.
    2. To view the details that you'll need to create your connection within your Smoothwall Filter and Firewall, click the App registration name and retrieve:
      • Application (client) ID
      • Directory (tenant) ID
    3. Make sure you add Microsoft Graph API permissions for the registered app that allows the Smoothwall Filter and Firewall to read the directory's details, see the Microsoft help topic, Permissions and consent in the Microsoft identity platform endpoint.
      • Application permissions:
        • Directory - Directory.Read.All
        • Group - Group.Read.All
        • User - User.Read.All
      • Delegated permissions:
        • User - User.Read.All
    4. From Certificates and secrets, create a new client secret and copy the value, see the Microsoft help topic, Add credentials to your web application.

Warning: The secret value becomes hidden if you navigate away from the page or if you wait longer than an hour. You should make a copy of the secret value before this becomes hidden.


  1. On the SERVICES menu, under the Authentication submenu, click Directories.
  2. Click Add new directory and
    • If you have a multitenant setup, from the Tenants list, select the tenants to use this directory service. Otherwise, ignore this.
  3. From the Type, select Azure AD.
  4. Type in the Azure Active Directory Name.
  5. Using the information that you got from the registered App, type in the Application (client) ID as the Client ID and the Directory (tenant) ID as the Tenant ID.
  6. Paste the Client secret that you copied from certificates and secrets for the Secret.
  7. Type in a descriptive Comment and click Add.

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