Subnets Page

Use this page to manage subnet rules.

Navigation: NETWORK > Routing > Subnets.

Add a new rule
Network The IP address that specifies the network ID part of the subnet definition when combined with a Netmask value.
Netmask A network mask that specifies the size of the subnet when combined with the network.
Gateway The IP address of the gateway device by which the subnet can be found. This is an address on a locally recognized network zone. It's important that the Smoothwall Filter and Firewall can route to the gateway device for the subnet to be configured successfully. The gateway address must be a network that the Smoothwall is directly attached to.
Metric A router metric to set the order in which the route is taken. This sets the order in which the route is evaluated, with 0 being the highest priority and the default for new routes.
Comment An optional description of the rule.
Enabled New subnet rules are turned on by default. Clear the option to create a rule that is turned off.