Creating subnet rules

Note: This functionality only applies to subnets available via an internal gateway.


  1. On the NETWORK menu, under the Routing submenu, click Subnets.
  2. Under the Add a new rule section, enter the Network IP address that specifies the network ID part of the subnet definition when combined with a Netmask value.
  3. Enter a Netmask that specifies the size of the subnet when combined with the network.
  4. Enter the Gateway IP address of the gateway device by which the subnet can be found.
  5. Enter a router Metric to set the order in which the route is taken.
  6. Enter a descriptive Comment of the rule.
  7. Click Add. The rule is added to the Current rules table.

Follow-up tasks

  • To edit a subnet rule, under the Current rules section, select the relevant rule, click Edit, adjust the configuration and click Save changes.
  • To delete a subnet rule, under the Current rules section, Mark the relevant rule and click Remove.