Link load balancing Page

Use this page to share traffic originating from IP addresses, across multiple interfaces to increase available bandwidth, maximize throughput, and add redundancy.

Navigation: NETWORK > Configuration > Link load balancing.

Link Load Balancing pools
Add new LLB pool Opens the Add new LLB pool dialog box.
Name A meaningful name for this pool.
Targeted bandwidth

The minimum level of bandwidth needed to satisfy this load balancing pool.

Option Description
Use maximum bandwidth Select this option to use the maximum available bandwidth for this pool, resulting in traffic being load balanced across all available connections in the pool.
User defined Select this option to define the minimum bandwidth needed to satisfy this pool. The Smoothwall Filter and Firewall uses as many of the assigned interfaces, in top down order, needed to meet the bandwidth target. Configure the minimum level needed within Targeted bandwidth, specifying whether this is in kilobits per second (kbps) or megabits per second (Mbps). A value less than the lowest interface bandwidth results in 1 connection ever being used at once.
Comment An optional comment for this pool.