Creating and assigning link load balancing pools

  • Link load balancing doesn't limit bandwidth for that pool, nor any allocated connection.
  • If the Smoothwall Filter and Firewall is only configured to route internet-bound traffic through a single gateway, you don't need to configure any load balancing pools.
  • If there are no specific need to route IP address-originated traffic to gateways, load balancing pools can be ignored.


On the NETWORK menu, under the Configuration submenu, click Link Load Balancing.

  • To create a new load balancing pool:
    1. Under the Link Load Balancing pools section, click Add new LLB pool.
    2. Enter a meaningful Name for this pool.
    3. Choose the Targeted bandwidth level needed to satisfy this load balancing pool, either select to use the maximum available bandwidth for this pool, resulting in traffic being load balanced across all available connections in the pool or select to define your own.
    4. Enter a descriptive Comment and click Add.
  • To assign interfaces, as connections, to the LLB pool:
    1. Click the LLB pool name to expand the view of the Connections section and click Add new connection.
    2. From the Local address list, select the relevant interface for traffic to use from this pool.
    3. Enter a descriptive Comment and click Add.

Follow-up tasks

  • To move a connection, click the connection and drag it to the position that you want and click Save moves.
  • To delete an LLB pool, place your mouse cursor over the pool and click delete.