Reverse proxy Page

Use this page to view time, source IP and website information about requests made by using the reverse proxy service.

Navigation: Reports > Logs > Reverse proxy.

Month The month’s data to export.
Day The day’s data to export.
Year The year’s data to export.
Ignore filter A regular expression that excludes matching log entries. The default value excludes common log entries for image, JavaScript, CSS style and other file requests.
Enable ignore filter Turns on the ignore filter.
Domain filter Displays log entries recorded against a domain. Matching is on the start of the domain part of the URL. For example, will match and but not match You can include regular expressions within the filter, for example, (www.)? will match both and
Enable domain filter Turns on the domain filter.
Export format

The format to export to. Valid values are:

Format Description
Comma Separated Value The information is exported in comma separated text format. The file name extension is .csv.
Raw Format The information is exported without formatting. The file name extension is .txt.
Tab Separated Value The information is exported separated by tabs. The file name extension is .tsv.
Export all dates Select this option to export all data for that section, for all available dates.
Reverse proxy log
Time The time the web request was made.
Source IP The source IP address the web request originated from.
Website The URL of the requested web resource.