Filtering and exporting reverse proxy logs

Note: To view this log data, you need a Unified Threat Management license.


  1. On the REPORTS menu, under the Logs submenu, click Reverse proxy.
  2. Under the Settings section, choose the Month, Day and Year 's data to export.
    • If you want to exclude log entries that contain a certain expression, enter the expression in the Ignore filter and select the Enable ignore filter option.
    • If you want to show log entries for a domain, enter the domain into the Domain filter and select the Enable domain filter option.
    • If you want to export the logs, select an Export format from the list, select if you want to Export for all dates or not and click Export.

Note: When running SSL VPNs in TCP mode, the reverse proxy access logs generated for HTTPS requests contain a source address of This is because OpenVPN must proxy the HTTPS traffic. Therefore, from the Smoothwall Filter and Firewall point of view, the traffic is originating from localhost.