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Use this page to view the logs of search terms and phrases used by users, and the search engine used.

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Search terms
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Search terms
Time When the search term or phrase was used.
Username The username of the user who made the request.
Source IP The source IP addresses that web requests are coming from.
Search domain The domain name of the search engine used, in the following format: <domain_name> (<search_engine_if_known>). For example, (Google).
Search Phrase The search term or phrase that was used.
Category The categories a request was categorized as being in. Multitenant licensed systems don't see the tenant name for tenant-specific categories in this column because it reports the category as used by the Smoothwall Filter categorization methods, which doesn't include the tenant information.
Policy Indicates the web filtering policy applied to the content. Categories and category groups from multitenant licensed systems are prefixed with the tenant name in the Policy column.