Monitoring search terms

Tip: You can use an asterisk (*) to filter the free search terms.


On the REPORTS menu, under the Realtime or Logs submenu, click Search terms.

  • To view details for a duration, click in the date and time picker and specify when to search from. Click Apply.
  • To start or stop monitoring in real time, click Realtime.
  • To get a closer look at what is happening at a specific time, find that time in the graph and click it. The Smoothwall Filter and Firewall stops the real-time display and shows what has been logged at the time you clicked on.
  • To change the log view, click Advanced » and clear or select an option to change the columns displayed.
  • To filter the table by a criterion, enter the value in the column head and the table only shows rows with that criterion.
    • To view all web requests that used those searches enter a search term or Search phrase. Search engines, such as Google, make use of predictive search suggestions. For example, a search phrase of "football clubs" might inflate the Search terms log by having entries of "f", "fo", "foo", "foot", for built up searches. Click the down arrow and select Exclude search suggestions to remove them from the log viewer's results.
    • To view search terms used from that address, enter an originating Source IP address. Click the down arrow and select Exact match to only search for the IP address specified. You can also enter a subnet range to search for, for example,
  • To export search terms and phrases, select and filter the log data that you want export and click Export.